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About Us

Ecocykle Development Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on strengthening climate change resilience, advancing a circular economy and promoting environmental and public health in affected and vulnerable communities in Nigeria.

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To achieve a thriving environment that fosters sustainable development.

On a Mission

To promote the achievement of a more sustainable, climate smart and pollution free environment.

Thematic Areas

Climate change

Circular Economy

Clean energy


Water, Hygiene and Sanitation


Capacity Building

We provide capacity building on the acquisition of climate action empowerment and waste management entrepreneurship skills for youth and women.

Public Education

We facilitate climate education, sensitization, trainings and awareness programs on climate change, waste management, and circular economy in schools and communities.


We carryout research on environment, climate change, pollution and sustainable development.


We champion policy advocacy and campaigns to foster an inclusive sustainable development.

Grassroot Engagement

We drive grass-root community engagement and empowerment programs to drive a more inclusive and equitable sustainable development.

Featured/Symbolic Project


Ecocykle Development Foundation commissions the PET Eco-friendly Toilet Project to address plastic pollution and open defecation at Nyany-Gbagyi Primary School, Nasarawa state.


1. PET Eco-friendly Toilet Project

Ecocykle Development Foundation in partnership with Lift Humanity Foundation constructed a double unit toilet facility using discarded plastic waste to address open defecation Nasarawa State.

2. Project Waste Free Communities

Ecocykle Development Foundation partners with YASIF to train over 100 women in communities on sustainable management of waste to foster economic empowerment in FCT Abuja

3. Community Training on Biochar Production

Ecocykle Development Foundation partners with Lift Humanity Foundation to train 100 women on the production of charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste to mitigate deforestation activities and promote clean cooking in Nasarawa State

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4. Training of youths on Plastic Recycling

Ecocykle trains youth on the production of durable bricks using discarded sachet water waste to foster green job creation and combat plastic pollution.

Impact stories

Watch interview of how Ecocykle Smart Mobile Bin’s are addressing waste challenges and creating jobs

Watch testimonial from a beneficiary of the PET Eco-friendly Toilet Project.

Watch how we upcycled 6500 PET bottles into a toilet facility

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