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We are inspiring and equipping the younger generation to lead the green transition to a sustainable future...

Ecocykle CEO

Ecocykle Development Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit organization on a mission towards achieving a climate-smart & sustainable environment through providing green solutions for marginalized communities and enabling green skills access for underprivileged women and youth in Northern Nigeria living below the poverty line of $2 daily. We are committed to supporting vulnerable communities affected by climate change to become more resilient while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we are dedicated to empowering underprivileged women and youth to gain employable green skills needed to bridge the extreme poverty gap in Nigeria

School Recycling Training
Green Mentorship Project
Smart Mobile Bin Empowerment
Tree Planting Activity
Community Recycling Training
Your Waste
My Money Project
2022 Global Recycling Day
Youth Empowerment Training
Biochar Briquette Training
PET Ecofriendly Toilet Launch

Our Strategy

Women and Youth Mobilization

We are mobilizing women and young people to become change makers who will lead locally led climate action.
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Advocay & Policy Influencing

We are championing environmental policy reforms at local and national levels towards strengthening Nigeria's climate adaptation and mitigation ambitions.
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Grassroot Engagement

We are strengthening locally led actions towards achieving an inclusive sustainable development.
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Public Education & Engagement

We are dedicated to climate and environmental education to promote behavioural change and inspire climate action amongst citizens.
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Green Solutions & Empowerment

We are providing green solutions and green skills empowerment for underprivileged communities to foster the achievement of a sustainable future.
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Capacity Building

We provide capacity building for businesses, organizations and individuals to promote green development.
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About Us

Ecocykle Development Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on strengthening climate change resilience, advancing a circular economy and promoting environmental and public health in affected and vulnerable communities in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To achieve a thriving environment that fosters sustainable development.

Our Mission

To promote the achievement of a more sustainable, climate smart and pollution free environment.

Our Thematic Areas

Climate change

Circular Economy

Clean energy


Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

Featured/Symbolic Project


Ecocykle Development Foundation commissions the PET Eco-friendly Toilet Project to address plastic pollution and open defecation at Nyany-Gbagyi Primary School, Nasarawa state.


ecocylke game

Ecocykle launches an innovative environmental card game to strategically boost environmental education and inspire climate action amongst young people.

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