Ecocykle Development Foundation, a youth-led environmental think tank, has launched an innovative card game to strategically boost environmental education knowledge amongst  young people and inspire climate action. 

The ‘Play, Learn and Act Now (PLAN)’, is in line with Ecocykle’s effort to stimulate the active involvement of young people in fostering environmental action and sustainable development 

Speaking during the launch on Wednesday, Aliyu Umar Sadiq, Executive Director of Ecocykle Development Foundation, said the innovative environmental card game aims to bridge the environmental education gap and inspire climate action amongst young people towards promoting the achievement of a sustainable future. 

Sadiq added that Ecocykle will be donating 500 PLAN environmental education card games to 100 schools across Nigeria, directly impacting 5000 young people in Nigeria over the next one year. 

“This phenomenal launch marks the beginning of a highly impactful endeavor that will stimulate young people’s participation in addressing devastating environmental issues that endanger human lives and ecosystem services,” Sadiq said. 

During a keynote remark by Mr. Aliyu Muhammad Ali, the C.EO of EHFAAZ Recycling Solutions, noted that the PLAN environmental education is an incredible tool that will inspire climate action. 

“We are launching a movement that empowers the youth, educates the masses, and calls upon the Government to be champions of change,” Muhammad said. 

He highlighted that the circular economy which is a priority to EHFAAZ is not just about brands and processes but also about nurturing a mindset of sustainability, hence their interest for the PLAN game remains firm. 

During a remark by Mr. Onyekan Adedoyin From the Ministry of Youth and Sport, he highlighted that the Ministry is excited to be associated with the newly launched game and urged other youth led organizations to develop such innovative ideas to foster youth and environmental development. 

The official launch was led Mr. Murtala Umoru, a representative of the Federal Ministry of Environment, together with other representatives from the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport, Office of the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (OSSAP SDGs), International Climate Change Development Initiative, Women Environmental Programme, Nigerian Conservation Foundation, African Environmental Awareness Initiative, SDGs Radio, amongst others. 

Participants during group play of the PLAN game

How the game works

“You have cards that have pictorial representation of problems affecting the environment such as floods, desertification, deforestation, while you also have cards that have solutions to the problems like good and proper waste management, afforestation and other solutions,” Sadiq said.

“All of these are blended with alphabets and numbers to enable young people to seek the solutions to the problems on board. By doing so, it is building consciousness on what are the major solutions to some problems while playing.

“So, as they are playing it and having fun, they are also grasping this concept, and it is inspiring them to take action.”

By Aliyu Sadiq