Members of Ecocykle Limited participated in a stakeholder workshop for Civil Society Organisations that was organised by the Federal Ministry of Environment with support from United Nation Development Program Nigeria held at Statement Hotel Abuja on 17th of June 2021.

The workshop gathered various stakeholders from across the North Central region to provide updates and inclusion as regards to the recently revised Nationally Determined Contributions. 

It will be recalled that the first intended Nationally Determined Contributions was drafted and submitted to the UNITED Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) after Nigeria keyed into the vision of the United nation by signing the Paris agreement inside 194 Nations in 2015. 

However, The UNFCCC requested Nations to update or revise the already submitted Nationally Determined Contributions and make adjustments to their NDCs so as to suit the realities of the local environmental issues affecting individual countries. 

Research consultants highlighted various studies and methodology carried out to enable result-oriented deductions and findings recommended for the revised NDC’s. 

Civil Society Organisations where implored to act as pressure groups towards ensuring that the milestones of the Nationally Determined Contributions are achieved through effective collaboration between CSO’s, MDA’s and private sector. 

Other approaches to fast track the implementation of the NDC”s targeted at reducing temperature below 2 degrees as well as the conditional and unconditional mitigation of greenhouse gas emission such as the adoption of nature-based solutions and the mainstreaming of gender into the implementation of the NDC’s were key recommendations during the workshop.

By Aliyu SADIQ